Snap-shots from My First 4 Days at Singularity University

A few of you have asked me to post my class schedule. So, here it is:

Singularity University GSP11 Schedule

Now that you’ve seen it, perhaps you would forgive me that I barely have any time to post articles on I will do my best to publish as much interesting pictures and/or information as I can, plus a surprise or two here and there, but please be patient if I can’t post every day.

Anyway, as a result of your numerous emails, today I thought I’d give you some snap-shot glimpses of my first 4 days here at the NASA Ames SingularityU campus:

A group-shot of Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis with all summer Graduate Studies students for 2011.

Peter Diamandis is handing me a Singularity University pin at the invocation ceremony which was held at the San Francisco Computer History Museum.

Left to right: Sharron, Pasha and Monica – three of my new classmates during invocation in the San Francisco Computer Museum.

Socrates at the entrance of campus, just behind the security office.

Breakfast at Singularity University – note the food-group pyramid and the “healthful,” “less healthful” signs that we have to contend with before we decide where to fill our plates from.

A Lunch table still has the haunting signs:

During lunch-break and in the evenings Tom Boettcher is teaching Tai Chi and meditation with the help of his never-complaining assistant – Chin Bones.

With Ross Shot – one of the three people who saved me when the DHS held me at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada. (Shaved-heads of the world unite! We have already lost our hair – nothing can scare us now.)

With Yasser from Saudi Arabia. Yasser is a super cool video game world champ and professional player, who speaks with a Michigan accent and is just about to start a SingularityU campus revolution against the ever-healthy food menu.

My chosen track at Singularity University is Policy, Law and Ethics, with a strong focus on Security.

There is always something cool happening at Singularity University. Pick any moment, even 3 in the morning, and there is someone working on something interesting or discussing the future in the main student hall. Just one example is this tablet robot built by one of my classmates.

To be continued…

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