Thank you for being a part of my life and RIP Arthur Traviss Corry

Arthur Traviss CorryToday is Canadian Thanksgiving and I wanted to use the occasion to thank my friend Arthur Traviss Cörry for being a part of my life. At 41 Arthur was diagnosed with terminal cancer and doctors were estimating he had somewhere between 6 weeks and 6 months left to live. Unfortunately, the cancer progressed much faster and Arthur passed away on this Saturday morning. This video was supposed to be just a small part of a number of such videos that a few friends of Arthur’s were putting together to tell him “Thank you for being a part of our lives”. The idea was to have some kind of an event where we can tell Arthur – both in person and via our videos, that we are all very thankful for knowing him and that he has been an important part of our life. Unfortunately, things deteriorated faster than anticipated and Arthur didn’t even have the chance to see the videos…

In life Arthur was a vibrant and passionate entrepreneur and a role model for many of us. In death, he has shown himself to be a truly courageous warrior, a stoic philosopher and a graceful human being full of humility and sense of humor. I will never forget the way he handled himself in the face of death and believe that we can all learn something from his very moving last video:


Finally, I will cherish the unique opportunity I had to interview Arthur on his boat and will try to support and popularize his work and ideas:

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