Those Unattended: A short sci-fi film by Brian Garvey

Those UnattendedIt’s a situation we’re either celebrating or condemning… this situation of the singularity.  Put simply, technology is advancing at such exponential rates it’ll soon eclipse our human intellect.  What that will look like is what this short film by first time director Brian Garvey attempts to answer.

Those Unattended  centers on a family gathering for dinner in the not too distant future.  All appears normal, despite the look of the food they’re about to eat, an homage to the 1970’s sci fi film, “Soylent Green.”  As the family settles in for their meal, we see a rigid formality about them, smiles plastered on their faces.

Looking through the point of view of the mother, we see her digital operating system.  A HUD, (heads up display) of search engines, social network platforms, and augmented 3D reality systems.  She operates her system through an inner monologue which sounds exhausted and bored.  This is her digital consciousness.  Our smart devices will no longer be hand held objects we gaze at, heads down, but rather operating systems implanted into our consciousness.  Perhaps the hard-drives of the future will be so powerful and small, microscopic even, they’ll be injected into our blood stream to link up with the synapses or our minds.

The digital consciousness feels like a phenomenon we see evolving all around us.  Wearable technology and our increasing dependence on being connected digitally all suggest this.  But what about the glitches…

Back at the dinner table, Dad starts to ramble incoherently, the onset of a digital stroke.  His operating system is crashing and something needs to be done about it, fast.  If not, he’ll lose the digital crutch he’s grown to depend on and will have to rely on his human consciousness alone, with all it’s imperfections…  This is a horrifying situation in our society less than one hundred years from now.

Writer, Director, Producer : Brian Garvey
Director of Photography : Kevin Wong csc
Production Designer : Gustavo Franco
Picture Editor : Thomas Lieu
Motion Graphics Animator : Julian Ablaza
Compositor : Colin Berry

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