What’s Next for the Internet?

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To say that technology is evolving at a rapid pace would be a serious understatement when referring to the evolution of the Internet. In the 40 years since its creation, the Internet has evolved in a manner that would make Darwin blanch. From the primitive operating systems of 20 years ago we now live our entire lives plugged in and able to navigate the wild frontier called the Internet with the touch of a finger, literally. We share our lives; handle our financial affairs, read the paper or the latest novel and scores of other activities, all on this ever evolving creation called the Internet.

Now the astute student of history is asking, “What’s next?” Well, who knows, maybe the next big shift in the evolution will be Internet providers by zip code but basing my observations on current trends, I will attempt to make some predictions for the direction it will take.

Global Society

In evaluating the implications of future uses of the Internet, the goal needs to be examined as well. Access to information is the main purpose of the Internet and global access will enable every person on earth the same advantages – and knowledge – helping to integrate economies and societies. This will move our world in the direction of globalism rather than nationalism.

Tactile Interface Approach

To date, most applications used to access the Internet have relied on the use of a pointing device of some sort, limiting maneuverability of objects and the ability to complete only one task at a time. With new technologies that are developing, such as the touch screen, this is beginning to change. Imagine being able to navigate the web using not just a mouse or one finger on the screen to open a document or scroll through a page but to use all 10 fingers, manipulating several items on the screen all at once! This seems to be the direction things are taking and it’s a safe bet that it will become standard in Internet use at some point in the future.

Talk To Me

With recent improvements in voice recognition software it is completely feasible to believe that soon touch screens and pointing devices could become a thing of the past for the most part. Only a few years ago those annoying automated answering systems used by many businesses could barely get through recognizing a simple one word command such as ‘Operator.’ Now they can follow considerably longer phrases with minimal errors and usually get you to the correct department or even assist you with your problem. This will likely translate over to surfing the web, education and a nearly unlimited array of possibilities. It might even be able to help you locate internet providers by zip code that can meet your needs with solutions tailored to your particular situation.

Connectivity Everywhere

Gone are the days where the Internet is restricted to our computers. Smart phones were only the beginning. Refrigerators with touch screen shopping lists or access to the ingredients for our favorite recipes may soon become standard in all kitchens. There is no reason this cannot carry over to other parts of the home as well. Advertisers in their quest to reach an ever expanding audience will welcome the chance to spend quality time in the kitchen or workshop with those hard to reach technophobes who for whatever reason, prefer not to surf the web. Depending on what appliance is being used, content specific to that activity could be displayed such as shopping options, recipe ideas, how-to guides or any number of other types of activity related content. Some would view this as a great help although others might view this as an invasion of privacy. The jury is still out…

About the Author:

Ruben Corbo is a man of multiple interests and talents. He’s a freelance writer, music composer/producer, and a technology enthusiast. He obsesses over the latest entertainment smartphone apps and other great gadgets. He’s usually writing for the Broadband Expert where you can find the best internet provider by zip code for you. 

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