Is The Singularity Happening Now?

Digital-Black-HolePeople have grossly misunderstood the Singularity if they think it is already happening or has happened. The Singularity is not a seamless merging of humans and technology, neither is it about mind-uploading. The Singularity is an intelligence explosion, we are considering utterly colossal intelligence.

I was inspired to clarify what the Singularity is because wearable computing pioneer Thad Starner, who is also the technical manager of Google Glass, recently stated:

“I would argue that we’re currently living the singularity, where the tool stops and the mind begins will start becoming blurry.”

Yes humans and technology will merge, in fact we are merging, but a merger of humans and technology is not the Singularity. The reason why we don’t yet have the Singularity can be demonstrated by several points:

  • 1. Our lack of immortality shows how our medical technology is not very proficient. The fact that people die in various ways despite our general desire to stay alive shows how medical technology is not very smart, in fact our level of intelligence regarding medical technology is positively dumb. Considering how stem cell applications will likely develop over the next 20 or 30 years (2033 – 2043), you can see our current life-extending medical tech is very non-Singular. While people are unavoidably mortal we do not have the Singularity. The Singularity however is more than mere medical immortality, hence these additional points:
  • 2. Our enslavement via resource-scarcity is another marker regarding deficient intelligence and deficient technology. Resource-scarcity clearly marks the absence of the intelligence explosion. Deficiency of technology entailing a necessity to work so that you can survive, the necessity to provide food and shelter, it is a necessity arising from a primitive level of technology, it is a pre-Singularity level of technology. The restrictiveness of scarcity controlling your life isn’t a smart way to live, it isn’t a smart way to utilise your existence. When brute survival dominates your life there is no freedom to truly explore your mind. Resource-scarcity shapes our lives in a very unintelligent manner, scarcity is unintelligent, which means crimes exist, money exists, and jobs exist. When the Singularity happens there will be no need to work, everything will be automated, there will be no money; everything will be free in a libertarian and financial sense. Constraints upon liberty only happen to ensure populations are subjugated, a subjugation which ensures compliance with wealth inequality. Deficient freedom depends upon wealth imbalance regarding a minority of people being very rich while the majority are poor. Freedom is restricted thereby forcing people to accept wealth inequality. Freedom is restricted to ensure people do not rebel against wealth inequality, which means financial liberty and existential liberty are inextricably interlinked. Furthermore, in a scarcity situation, stupidity is socio-politically enhanced because unintelligent people are less likely to question wealth inequality, which is an emphasis of stupidity exacerbating the non-existence of the intelligence explosion. When the Singularity happens there will be no scarcity of any valuable item you desire, thus no need to dominate the populace regarding compliance with wealth inequality, there will be no need for socio-economic engineering of stupidity. There will be total freedom.
  • 3. Post-Scarcity, which is addressed in point number 2, is an alternate name for the Singularity, but similar to the Singularity people sometimes say we already have Post-Scarcity, they wrongly think Post-Scarcity has already happened but it isn’t evenly distributed. The meaning of Post-Scarcity must therefore be clarified. Post-Scarcity is an alternate viewpoint of the Singularity akin to differing views of a person’s head, for example the back of a person’s head compared to the face view. Both views reveal a head but different viewpoints present different pictures. Post-Scarcity is LIMITLESSNESS, it is not merely about better management of abundant resources, thereby entailing everything is free. Post-Scarcity is a level of limitless so pronounced, so deeply entrenched, it would be utterly impossible to restrict the resource availability. The abundance is so SUPER that no management or distribution of resources whatsoever is needed. The Singularity (Post-Scarcity) is a state of limitlessness regarding any resource, with the principle focus on limitless intelligence because all resources flow from intelligence.
  • 4. Finally to summarise the meaning of the Singularity, here is a list of points, in no particular order, which all need to be fulfilled for the Singularity to be happening:

● All crime and violence are abolished because crime and violence depend wholly on scarcity for their existence. All governments have ceased to exist. No governance is required regarding the abolition of violence and crime because Post-Scarcity simply cuts off, at the source, the impetus for anti-social tendencies. Scarcity is the source of all anti-social tendencies thus by abolishing scarcity you abolish everything which exists due to scarcity, thus governments will cease to exist because governments exist wholly to manage scarcity, governments manage the social dysfunction arising from scarcity, governments ensure great wealth for a minority of people in a scarcity situation, whereas in a Post-Scarcity situation everyone can have limitless wealth.

● Everything is free, nobody needs to work, anyone can have anything they want.

● Everyone is immortal if they want to be. Furthermore access to medical immortality is no more difficult than clicking your fingers or blinking.

● Everything desirable is limitless, thus there are no limits on computation, no limits on intelligence, no limits on travel, which means anyone could easily print a super-intelligent spaceship then travel to the end-edge (if there is one) of the universe, whereupon they will easily create a new universe if they want to. Perhaps limitlessness regarding universe-creation is the best way to describe the Singularity because currently we don’t even know how to 3D-print one planet or one duplicate universe. When the Singularity happens it will be easy to create limitless universes, thus if you are mortal and if you cannot print a universe then it is safe to say the intelligence explosion has not happened.

The Singularity is Post-Scarcity, it’s the point where intelligence ceases to be scarce, it’s a technological explosion of intelligence to end all aspects of scarcity, which should happen no later than year 2045. Technology continually allows us to do more for less. The Singularity is about a mind-bending amount of utterly astronomical ultra-efficient technology, which entails extreme super-power at essentially zero cost. The Singularity was definitely not happening in the year 2013. It is extremely unlikely the Singularity will happen before year 2025. I think the Singularity will actually happen very close to 2045.

About the Author:

Singularity Utopia writes for Singularity-2045, a Post-Scarcity orientated website dedicated to increasing awareness regarding the coming technological utopia. The goal is to make the Singularity happen sooner instead of later.


  • connor1231

    Yes I should clarify what I meant. If everybody possessed the same technology, I definitely don’t think any dr evil could run the world. I meant if the tech is first developed in the wrong country or by the wrong person, or maybe even underground to some “dr evil”, then they would be the only person possessing it and thus they’d be harder to fight against.

    I guess that’s all the more motivation for us “good guys” to develop the technology first! I also like your strategy of curing mental illness before we release such powerful tech! It would make me much more on board.

  • connor1231

    Also, just another thing I was thinking about. How do you think we will be able to afford for everybody to have this technology. Right now we can’t even afford to give everyone food…there are starving people all over the world. How much harder it will be to provide androids or matter replicators which cost millions of dollars to literally billions of people. I feel like that’s very optimistic thinking but a little unrealistic. Just another reason I could see this technology staying in the hands of just a few (at least for a long time).

  • Chris Armstrong

    Yes, and the most important thing to remember is that there are are a HELLUVA LOT more “good guys” in the world, generally, so there will also be a lot of them working on these things and figuring out how to do them in beneficial ways.

    Yes, it will be be a wonderful day when we can thoroughly fix broken brains.

  • Chris Armstrong

    We’ve already been over this and I addressed it in my very first thread on this page and even earlier in THIS thread. You are thinking from a “scarcity mindset.” Your assignment is to answer this question: What is something completely different about advanced replicator technology that makes it WORLD-CHANGINGLY powerful in a way that is incomparable to any kind of “manufacturing” we have today and will solve the problem you have posed?

    Hint: It’s something unique (relative to current manufacturing tech) that it can replicate. What is that?

  • connor1231

    Well you said it will end jobs and once everyone has one and the “transition phase” is done, it will end scarcity. But my thinking is how will the transition phase ever end? One we make a few hundred of these, where’s the money going to be to make billions more? And it’s not like matter replicators could just make money because then inflation just skyrockets haha

  • Chris Armstrong

    Keep looking…

  • connor1231

    I can’t find it! Just tell me haha.

    Besides these matter replicators, how about android bodies or surgeries that enhance the brain or body? These would be extremely expensive, only available to the elite, but without the qualities of a matter replicator that would make it available to all. I could even see mind uploading being widely available because people could just line up, get hooked up, uploaded, and leave. But with android bodies, and any bio enhancing surgery or anything, I see availability being a problem

  • Chris Armstrong

    The most direct answer is in this thread, but some of the elements were mentioned in the original thread.

    The answer is: It can make copies OF ITSELF. One replicator can make MORE replicators with ease. It only needs some energy and recycled raw materials whose atoms will be broken down to be used to make ANYTHING, including food and water…AND MORE REPLICATORS.

    Energy will be (unlike today) plentiful, free, available to you directly, without the need to “buy” it from a power company, in the form of MEGA-ADVANCED solar technologies that will be integrated into virtually every building and every man-made thing that is in sunlight. There will also be other sources of energy that we haven’t even begun to imagine yet.

    And if you think far enough into the future, when physicists have truly become MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Think Star Trek level tech here), they will be able to implement the ultimate implications of Einstein’s E=MC^2 — the equivalency of energy and matter — and be able to convert energy to matter and back again at will, so even the need for recycled raw materials broken down and reconfigured via atomically precise “nano-factories” will be a thing of the past.

    If you’re going to think about a time when we have incredibly powerful matter replicators, you have to abandon your “scarcity mindset.” It doesn’t mean you’re “stupid” for thinking this way. This has been the ONLY mindset available on this planet thus far.

    Money developed as a way of trading value for value between people who possessed different resources and had different skills that made them able to produce goods or services that others didn’t have, but wanted to acquire. In this kind of scenario, you need to go to someone (or a business) that has some scarce resource that they had to spend other scarce resources to produce and trade something of value to acquire their good or service.

    In a world wherein you can fabricate anything you need because scientists have mastered the manipulation of matter at the atomic level, the concept of money becomes inoperative, obsolete. There is no longer anyone you need to go to and offer some symbolic and totally FICTITIOUS unit of value (money) to, in order to get things you need/want.

    This is the shortest answer. There are a lot of details and many kinds of human habits, customs, and mindsets that will have to change in response to this new capability. We will no longer have a system that glorifies people hoarding possessions as symbols to the world of their power, success, admirable work-ethic, strong character, etc. Neither will the kind of psychopathic “value system disorders” that enable people to become great HOARDERS of possessions, be rewarded by a competitive, winner-take-all scarcity-driven/creating/worshipping monetary system.

    Yes, in the transitions there will be problems. People today are more and more proposing that we transition to some kind of “guaranteed minimum income” for people because a lot of jobs are disappearing and are not going to be replaced. But jobs will only remain a problem during the painful transition.

    Eventually, we’ll transition to a point were jobs and money no longer serve any purpose and people will be able to spend their lives creating things, not because they want to become “rich” from them — an obsolete desire — but because that’s what creative people DO. And there’s no point in hoarding their creations so they can have MORE POSSESSIONS THAN EVERYONE ELSE, because EVERYONE ELSE will be able to have whatever possessions THEY want and hoarders, if they exist AT ALL, would be viewed as mentally-defective people to be fixed and not great SUCCESS STORIES as they are viewed today, in our scarcity-driven world.

    People will make their creations available to the world and gain the admiration and appreciation of others because of their creativity and not because they are the BEST ACCUMULATOR AND HOARDER as we see “rich” people today. People will create new technologies and advance medicine, science, arts, etc., because these things are good IN AND OF THEMSELVES and not because they need to earn some symbolic unit of value to feed their stomachs or their shrunken egos.

  • Singularity Utopia

    Being able to create a universe does not mean our universe was created by someone. Things can evolve naturally. When humans bio-print organs or grow organs via stem cells, this ability does not mean all human organs were grown or printed by a scientist, humans were not intelligently designed.

    I think there is only one Singularity, yes the leap between amoeba, insect, dog, and human is great but despite the radical leaps of intelligence the increasing intelligence levels have never broken free from scarcity, we have never reached intellectual escape velocity. This is where the Singularity differs from previous stages of intellectual evolution.

    Science allows us to see all creation is easily explained, easily repeated, thus if there is a God, which I decidedly think is logically impossible because an intelligent being able to create universes would never be so unethical to allow its intelligent creations to suffer in the way humans suffer, then God would not be God, God is merely a scientist. Great knowledge, even infinite knowledge, does not make a person God, it is simply science. God is merely a way for people to explain the world when their understanding is limited, when they cannot actually explain the world, thus greater understanding makes God obsolete, we realise the Earth is not the centre of the solar system, we see there is no creator, we see that scientists should not be called Gods.

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  • John Laurie

    Of course there IS the possibility that the singularity has indeed happened…….but we as humans get ‘bored’ with limitless everythingness. So just for fun we put ourselves into old skool VRs where we ‘forget’ about the singularity, and live temporarily in more constrained times- like the early 21st Century! Then, maybe we can once again re-enjoy the arrival of the singularity in VR form.