Singularity Utopia: Post Scarcity Awareness As An Antidote To Despair

In the year 2011 we live a world based upon scarcity. So, what is Post-Scarcity?

Imagine if computers grew on trees, and the world was a gigantic forest, then in a monetary sense computers would be worthless. It would be impossible to sell computers if an extreme over-abundance of computers existed because people could easily acquire computers for free. Scarcity of oil, gas, electricity, food, or computers demands regulation of these limited supplies via monetary restrictions. The price of anything will increase directly in relation to increased scarcity of its supply. In the world of Post-Scarcity everything will be free.

How will a Post-Scarcity civilization arise?

Artificial Intelligence combined with molecular nanotechnology will allow available resources to be utilized with ultra-efficiency, therefore all resources will effectively be unlimited i.e. free.

The Technological Singularity is an explosion of intelligence. Upgrading a computer is much quicker than the slow evolution of biological humans, therefore when computers reach the level of human intelligence, sometime around year 2035, we will then be on the edge of an intelligence explosion: the Singularity.

In the year 2011 people know computers for the current year will be faster than the previous year’s computers. Unfortunately many people haven’t realized how Artificial Intelligence, sometime around year 2040, will be able to create food and other products almost out of thin air. Technology will become extremely sophisticated. Solar power and other forms of energy-reclamation will create free supplies of unlimited energy for everyone. We will effortlessly grow or print food and products (via 3D printing) within our own homes. Everything will be decentralized and everyone will be all powerful. In the future nothing will need to be repaired because molecular nanotechnology will ensure everything is self-repairing.

In this Post-Scarcity future, where everything is free, there will be no reason to feel unhappy; despair will be vanquished. We will enjoy this utopia forever because medical technology will stop people growing old and all illnesses will be curable.

Unfortunately many people in the year 2011 are unaware of how poverty-based-misery will soon end. People often throw their lives away because they are depressed by financial misery. People feel unhappy regarding financial corruption. Money and Governments only exist to regulate scarcity therefore if you are depressed regarding your lack of money, or the unfairness of your Government, you must understand there is a reason to hope; there is a reason why you shouldn’t give up hope.

Sadly some people do give up hope. Regarding the shootings in Arizona by Jared Lee Loughner on 8th January 2011, Jared complained in YouTube videos about Government mind-control and debt. Jared wanted to create a new currency but instead of a new currency there is a better option. We will soon see an era where there is no currency. I feel awareness of Post-Scarcity could have averted Jared’s despair therefore to make the world a happier place I have created some Post-Scarcity symbols for people to share. In the future everything will be free therefore our happiness will be limitless.

About the Author:

Singularity-2045 is a Post-Scarcity orientated website dedicated to increasing awareness regarding the coming technological utopia. The goal is to make the Singularity happen sooner instead of later.

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