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3D Printing: Is Bio-Printing the Future of Organ Replacement?

I have written previously about the unfolding revolution in 3D printing which will eventually penetrate every facet of home-made manufacturing including the printing of food.

Now, picture the following scenario:

You get a full 3 dimensional scan of your complete body geometry. One day there is an accident and unfortunately you lose an ear or some other part of your body. Still, nothing that you really should worry about: Your doctor opens up your unique body geometry back up file, selects the exact specs on the missing body part and prints out a brand new ear which is virtually identical to the one you just lost. This may well be the future of organ and body-part replacement technologies produced by the latest breakthroughs in reconstructive medicine and bio-printing.

Sounds far-fetched? Well, here are some videos in support of that claim.

Putting the feasibility issue to the side, the really important questions pertain to the wider implications of organ-printing technology.

Will it make us more likely to take on risky activities such as extreme spots and other dangerous occupations such as the military?

Will it help us live forever provided that we do regular body maintenance by simply replacing the part that has been worn out?

Will it make people more irresponsible with respect to their life-choices pertaining to smoking, fast-food and healthy lifestyle?

What will be the impact of those on our society in general?

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