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Aaron Sims’ Film Archetype: Your Memories Are Just A Glitch!

Achetype: Your Memories Are Just A Glitch is a short 7 min science fiction film directed by Aaron Sims, starring Robert Joy (Land of the Dead, CSI: NY) and David Anders (Heroes, 24).

About the Film:

RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its mysterious visions and past.

About the Filmmaker:

Aaron Sims is a prominent creature/conceptual designer who has helped bring filmmakers’ visions to life for the past 25 years.  During his illustrious career, Aaron has worked with visionary directors such as Steven Spielberg, Zack Snyder & Martin Campbell on such projects as War of the Worlds, Sucker Punch, Green Lantern and many more.

With the help The Aaron Sims Company, and his visual effects outfit, Archetype VFX, Aaron is poised to launch his own directing career.

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