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Charles Edward Culpepper

Turing à la Nikolić: From Thoughtless to Thoughtful Thumbnail

Alan Turing’s 1950 cult classic, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, (published 1950, Mind 49: 433-460) is divided into seven sections. The sixth section entitled, Contrary Views on the Main Question – “can computers think” – is a whimsical list of nine reasons why people would believe that computers cannot think. But before he conveys the objections of others, he first confesses his [...]

The Turing Test Trail to Turmoil Thumbnail

One grotesque error in an otherwise outstanding film, Ex_Mechina (2015), is when the character Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) asks the character Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) if he knows what the Turing Test is, despite the fact that both Nathan and Caleb are programming geeks. In fact, Nathan brought Caleb to his home/research [...]

A Reader’s Response to “Hard-Wired AI: Insurance for a More Harmonious Future” Thumbnail

First, a caveat is in order. My critiques and criticisms of ideas, or arguments,  as expressed in Hard-Wired AI: Insurance for a More Harmonious Future, are not intended to impugn the promulgators or supporters of the ideas or arguments. Anyone who reads ad hominem into my arguments are merely projecting [...]

VR vision primer on Computer Graphics in general and Virtual Reality in particular Thumbnail

Many people wonder why virtual reality always either falls short of appearing ‘real’; or it seems ‘real enough’ yet, with extended periods of viewing, the experience can be literally sickening. The following is a VR vision primer to introduce the primary issues involved with realistic display of moving images. Each [...]

Secular Requiem for a Supernova (The Test of Turing) Thumbnail

King’s college and a thoughtful heart, With a child’s impassioned mind, he Contemplated constellations of circuitry In the countenance of illimitable night. Suddenly, a bud of love blossoms In the verdant hills of youth’s yearnings; Suddenly followed by the Reaper’s slash Cleaving a whole heart into a half life. After [...]

Ultimate Constraint and the Probability of Singularity Thumbnail

There is a hypothesis by Theodore Modis, (1943-Living), that we can expect the rate of technological progress to begin slowing soon, because contrary to Ray Kurzweil (1948-Living), and ilk, technological progress is not exponential, it is logistical. It is Malthusian growth – named for Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) – whose [...]

Robots Everywhere Are Hailing The New Minimum Wage Thumbnail

At Borg LaborGroup ServisesProducts (BLS) – the largest and leading ‘machine employment agency’ – times are getting giddy and sweet due to the recent $15 per hour minimum wage hike for low-skilled human beings. For technology everywhere it is Christmas, New Years and Happy Birthday all rolled into one. The [...]

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