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I Sync, Therefore I Am… Always


Book Review: “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” by Douglas Rushkoff

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Frozen in Time: Pushing the Limitations of Death

Machine learning Word Cloud Concept

Mapping The Modern Industry: The Trajectory Of Machine Learning

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The Opportunity in Devastation: Is the Fort McMurray Fire A Model of Our Future?


Nature Is Not Your Friend

Cebus olivaceus, Nahrungsbeschaffung, Werkzeugbenutzung, Brasilien, Piauí, 07/2013, T.Milse

Where does intelligence come from?

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TechEmergence Surveys Experts on AI Risks: Some Surprises Emerge

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Canada Can Be A Leader In Declaring Aging is a Disease

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Which will come first, social change or life extension?

AI Future Past

Should we anthropomorphize an AI who wants to kill us all?


AlphaGo: Did DeepMind Just Solve Intelligence?!