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Motherboard brain on white background for technology concept design

Dr. Joscha Bach: Build Strong AI that Bridges Humanity and the Powers that Be

Turing_Test thumb

The Turing Test Trail to Turmoil

Business man showing a thumb down gesture.

A Reader’s Response to “Hard-Wired AI: Insurance for a More Harmonious Future”

Computer microprocessor with brain symbol.

Hard-Wired AI: Insurance for a More Harmonious Future

virtual reality is presented in the form of binary code

VR vision primer on Computer Graphics in general and Virtual Reality in particular

An industrial robot playing chess

Dr. Mark Bickhard: Can Computers And Robots Actually Think?

Mercedes Self-Driving Car‏ b

Exponential Technology and the Self-Driving Car‏

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Thank you for being a part of my life and RIP Arthur Traviss Corry

Crebro Artificial

The Case of the Conscious Machine

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Secular Requiem for a Supernova (The Test of Turing)

Storytelling word cloud concept with abstract background

The Call for a Storytelling Computer

blue sky 2014001

Designing AI Infrastructures that Sustain the Human Race