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Transhuman word cloud concept

The 5 Ps that Will Drive Transhumanism: A Conversation with Dr. Nayef Al-Rodhan

Surviving AI thumb

Two Singularities

Playing Dice with the Universe-thumb

Ultimate Constraint and the Probability of Singularity

artificial intelligence is presented in the form of binary code

AI is So Hot, We’ve Forgotten All About the AI Winter

Automaticering - productie van het woord "AUTOMATION"

Robots Everywhere Are Hailing The New Minimum Wage

10 Reasons NOT to fear singularity thumbnail

Top 10 Reasons We Should NOT Fear The Singularity [Infographic]

Frozen to Life thumb

Cryonics: A Glass-state Time Travel

Two people communicating by telepathy. Digital illustration.

Telepathic Technology is Here, But Are We Ready?


Human Swarming and the future of Collective Intelligence

A frozen brain dripping with icicles - 3d render with digital painting.

Living Indefinitely within the Parameters of the Universe

Thermodynamics Word Cloud Concept

The Importance of the 5 Base Economic Units in Singularity and Transhumanism Discussions


Eliminating an Unfriendly AI