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FastForward Radio by The Speculist Puts Socrates In The Spot

Last Night I did a one hour interview for FastForward Radio by the Speculist. During our conversation with hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon I covered a few topics such as the personal story behind the start of SingularitySymposium.com, SingularityWeblog.com and Singularity1on1.com. I also talked about technology in general and the singularity in particular and shared for the very first time my “technology is a magnifying mirror” thesis for a book I am thinking of writing in 2013.

Program Synopsis: Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon welcome blogger, futurist, and fellow web broadcaster Nikola Danaylov (AKA “Socrates”) to FastForward Radio. Nikola reports daily about major trends in science, technology, and society which indicate big changes to come. He also discusses these changes with some of the world’s most fascinating people on his podcast, Singularity 1 on 1.

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  • CM Stewart

    My question regarding your speculative thesis: Will all our foibles be magnified via technology?

  • Great having you on, Nik! Seems like we barely scratched the surface. Hope we can talk again soon.

  • Sure thing Phil, just let me know when and we can do a follow up right where we stopped last time 😉

  • Great question. My answer is an almost certain “Yes”. That is why it is a mirror. 😉 But the same also applies to our good sides too…

  • Great job on the show Nikola. It was interesting to hear your thoughts and ideas for a change. I look forward to your book. The technology magnification mirror concept is intriquing.

  • Thanks friend. I will post a short article to outline my thesis and would really appreciate your feedback on it! 😉

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