Google’s Self-Driving Robocar at Singularity University

Today the first 3 hours of lectures at Singularity University started with a workshop on robotic cars such as Google’s autonomous self-driving vehicle.

We were pleasantly surprised when Brad Templeton — our awesome Networks and Computer Systems faculty chair, secretly brought one of the prototype cars on campus. Of course, for your benefit, I couldn’t help it but take a couple of short videos.

The first one shows a few Singularity University students mobbing Google’s autonomously self-driven vehicle.

The second video is a demonstration of the Lidar navigation and traffic control system i.e. the way that the car perceives the world around it.

The third one is a 1 min video of the robocar exterior. You can see the roof-mounted lidar system used for traffic guidance and orientation.

(For those video tech geeks of you who are about to ask me – the videos were taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V point-and-shoot camera)

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