ISTAS13: The International Symposium on Technology and Society is Coming to Toronto

What happens when you add “smart people” to our increasingly “smart” world – i.e. a world of smart phones, smart cars, smart roads and smart everything!?

If, like me, you want to see, debate and discuss the spectrum of possibilities and the future implications of such a smart world, then, you will join me at the upcoming International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS).


ISTAS is an annual international forum on the Social Implications of Technology scheduled for June 27-29 in Toronto, Canada. The conference will bring world-renowned presenters and panelists such as Ray Kurzweil, Marvin Misky, Steve Mann, Gordon Bell, Helen Nissenbaum, Thad Starner, Ann Cavoukian and many others, who will share new research, projects, and ideas about people living in smart environments.

The ISTAS13 event is a powerful lineup of leaders from various fields of research coming together in a trans-disciplinary manner and intended to appeal to people with diverse backgrounds such as engineers, designers, scientists, artists, researchers in the social sciences, law and humanities, policy and decision makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, polymaths, designers, artists and technologists.

This symposium will prepare consumers for better understanding innovations in fields such as wearable computing and augmented reality as well as examine the social implications and likely impacts not only on users of the technology but also on everyday life, society, personal privacy and government policy.

Please have a look at the interesting conference program as well as fantastic line of speakers and join me in attending The 2013 International Symposium on Technology and Society in Toronto this June 27-29, 2013.

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