James Martin’s The Meaning Of The 21st Century

Last night me and Julie watched James Martin‘s documentary The Meaning Of The 21st Century. The movie is based on his titular book and is aimed to provide what James calls A Vital Blueprint for Ensuring Our Future.

In his 1 hour documentary Martin catalogues all the major perils and promises that humanity faces in the 21st century. In addition, he doesn’t forgo issues arising from advances in the fields of artificial intelligence, genetics, robotics and nanotechnology, or interviewing other futurists, scientists, inventors, singularitarians and transhumanists such as Ray Kurzweil, Hugo de Garis, Nick Bostrom and others.

The video is narrated by Michael Douglas and I think it is worth watching.


We are at an extraordinary crossroads of human history. Our actions, or failure to act, during the next 20 years will determine the fate of the Earth and human civilization for centuries to come. This is a make-or-break century.

Humanity’s demands for affluence are growing rapidly. If we are able to make the planet work, as shown in this film, we face a magnificent future. If we fail, we could be headed for a new Dark Age.

Long Trailer:

You can watch the full movie by clicking here.

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