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NeuroMarketing To Help Advertisers Read Our Minds, Sell Us More Crap We Don’t Need

Neuromarketing lies at the intersection of neuroscience and behavior research with marketing, advertising, and product design. As if the effectiveness of modern day advertising is not sufficient enough, advances of brain science may help advertisers read our minds even better to sell us even more crap we don’t really need.

I guess this is one of the side effects of all research behind the mind-control computer interfaces. Never-the-less, it still sounds pretty creepy to me:

New Research Could Help Advertisers Read Your Mind

Researchers in New York have shown that measuring human brain waves could help advertisers develop more effective campaigns. The team monitored brain wave activity in volunteers to determine what types of film scenes elicited universal responses. They say their data shows that the method could be far more effective than conventional market research techniques.

Original story by Sharon Reich for Reuters:

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