Nikola and Amish on their April Fool’s Prank: Serious about Comedy and Comedy about the Serious

Yesterday I did a Facebook Live session together with comedian Amish Patel where we talked about our April Fool’s Prank, got serious about comedy and did a little comedy about the serious. So, if you still haven’t seen my “interview” with “Dr. Amish Patel” on why the Universe is a Simulation and his proof for that, make sure you check it out.

During this conversation with Amish Patel we talk about: the format and goals of my Singularity.FM podcast; our April Fool’s prank and some chosen audience comments; how many of the “jokes” in our gag were things that really happened during my real interviews; why emotion eats logic for breakfast; the power of music and humor; the importance of doubt and asking questions; why I went vegan; ethics and religion…

I have to mention that both I and Amish owe a special debt of gratitude to Alex Ross from the Never Sleeps Network without whom this interview would not have happened.

As always you can listen to or download the audio file above or scroll down and watch the video interview in full. To show your support you can write a review on iTunesmake a direct donation or become a patron on Patreon.

Who is Amish Patel?

As a Comedian and Entrepreneur, Amish Patel loves writing and performing comedy.

Over the years he’s produced incredible live comedy shows, garnered local and national media coverage and acquired funding to produce his own televised sketch comedy show.

Amish started his career as a writer when he created a Toronto-based, sketch comedy group Fade to Brown. He created hysterical, crowd-pleasing content that dealt with real-world issues such as racism, gender inequality, and cultural identity. With the troupe Amish wrote, performed & produced original sold out shows all over the city culminating in an audience of over seven hundred people at the Panasonic theater followed by a TV special for Rogers Television.

While continuing to seek for funding to shoot original scripted and reality/lifestyle content, Amish has also turned his attention to the internet. His online videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views and are helping him build a loyal online following.

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