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We’re All Truck Drivers Now: Nikola Danaylov @ DES2017

The year rolled away so quickly and I completely forgot that in May I was a keynote speaker at the DES 2017 Conference in Madrid, Spain. Luckily, a fan dug out this video from the depths of the internet and, since she liked it very much, I thought I’d share it with you on Singularity Weblog.

The interview runs about 12 minutes long and we cover a variety of topics such as: why in an age when answers are free questions are priceless; the technological singularity or what if your toothbrush is smarter than you; whether we should fear or not fear the singularity; artificial intelligence, technological unemployment and why we are all truck drivers now; chatbots and why technology is a magnifying mirror; why I’m not worried about AI going evil; why technology is no God…

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  • William de Lara

    Great summation of singularity issues!

  • Gordon Deans

    All humans will soon need to adapt to and adopt these skills in the post-work AGE of AI to remain relevant in the New World. The only purpose for the existence of humans will be as consumers of the output from AI and thus the only purpose of AI will be to produce for humans.
    To paraphrase Shakespeare, “To be UNIQUE, or to NOT be, that is the question.”

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