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Singularity News on Reuters

Yesterday I saw a number of interesting news stories from different fields that all relate to the technological singularity. Here are the top 4 singularity news on Reuters.

Mind-controlled prosthetic arm

An Austrian amputee is the first in Europe to be fitted with a new-generation mind-controlled prosthetic limb that moves and feels like a real arm, receiving commands from the brain and sending input back.

Robot to lead fish from danger

Luring fish out of danger zones like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill could one day be the job of a robotic fish, according to a New York researcher.

Computer-driven cars may save lives

Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a computer program that allows a car to drive without human control, opening the door to the development of new automobile safety features that could save lives.

World’s first intelligent bandage

Scientists at a British university are working on an intelligent dressing which changes color when wounds suffered by burn patients become infected. It also releases antibiotics automatically.

As we can see the pace of technological innovation is indeed accelerating.

A number of different but synergistic technologies from a variety of fields such as robotics, computer science, medicine, nanotechnology and others are converging to bring forth an unprecedented stage of technological prowess and maybe even a singularity.

The questions, though, remain the same:

The future is smart but what about us?

Can we handle such power (and responsibility)?

Who is smarter than human?

Will technology replace biology?

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