Singularity University Tours Autodesk

Autodesk is among the most notable sponsors, supporters and big time friends of Singularity University. At the same time, it is also a very cool company in its own right with many of its cutting edge 3D design technologies used in a variety disciplines from industrial design to special effects in blockbuster movies such as AVATAR.

The videos below were shot when me and my classmates from Singularity University GSP11 visited the Autodesk demo office and showroom in San Francisco. Hope you enjoy the video tour as much as I did filming it.

The first clip shows several SU students from GSP11 talking to SU academic adviser Jonathan Knowles via his tele-presence robot. During our conversation we talk about Scottish kilts, email spam, 3d printing and, most interestingly, the story behind how Autodesk became a Singularity University sponsor. (Thank you Jonathan!)

In this video we look at the growing variety of materials and objects that can be 3d printed. Some of the students include Dimitar Pachov (Bulgaria), Marianne Abreu (Brazil), Gustav Borgefalk (Sweden), Rachel Kalmar, Justine Lam, Michael Smith, Caitlin Sparks (all from USA), Augusto Camargo (Brazil), Sergey Musienko (Russia) and many others.

In this video security team intern Tony Young Lyu (South Korea) and fast & furious redhead Randi Willis (USA) test drive a 3d car simulation. Then aspiring biker Justine Lam poses with the 3D printed motorcycle in my leather jacket.

And here is the picture for which I had to interrupt the above video:

This is the first video I shot at Autodesk starting from the elevator lobby and walking through their show room. Some of the highlights include the Tesla family sedan car prototype (which apparently belongs to Augusto Camargo), Eduardo Labarca playing with dinosaur poo, and the incredible Tony Young Lyu trying out the car simulator. Other students in the video include Jaime Bonin Roca (Spain), Cristovao Loureiro (Brazil) and Gustav Borgefalk (Sweden).

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