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Posted on: July 12, 2010 / Last Modified: July 12, 2010

I am running a contest for a new Singularity Weblog logo.

Please help me pick the winner.

It is easy — just look at the proposed designs by clicking here.

Then come and post a comment after the post or email me your favorite design number and why in your opinion it deserves to win.

Thank you for your help.

Let us make Singularity Weblog better.

Logo Design Contest Update: We’ve got a winner!!!

Thank you all for your help and your input in choosing a new logo for Singularity Weblog.

There were at least 5 different design concepts that each could have won.

I had a few comments and even more emails about what your favorite design is. In the end it was a very tight race between two designs and, even though my own personal favorite design lost, I have no regrets because in all fairness I had to admit that the winner was the only one able to fulfill all the following requirements:



Easy to remember.

Easy to scale down to favicon and up to poster size.

Prints well in all colors.

Easy to mold and recreate in 3D physical shape.

Consistent with the Singularity Symposium branding.

I hope you like it!…

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