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Deconstructing Socrates and the Future of Singularity 1on1: Nikola Danaylov Gets Interviewed by Trevor Haldenby

Deconstructing Socrates and the Future of Singularity 1on1 Nikola Danaylov gets interviewed by Trevor HaldenbyEvery once-in-a-while, it is a good thing to do a headstand and look at the world from a different perspective. In podcasting terms that would mean putting Socrates in the hotseat and making me answer questions, rather than let me hide in asking them. And I could’t think of a person better qualified to do that than Trevor Haldenby. Trevor is one of the masterminds behind the ByoLogic BRX Virus Outbreak episode I did a couple of years ago as well as a very skilled interviewer and interactive story-teller. And so I was not surprised I had so much fun answering his questions. Hope you enjoy it too.

During our 80 min interview we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: the origin story of Singularity Symposium, Singularity Weblog and Singularity 1on1; the personal fears and lack of domain knowledge I had to overcome to begin blogging and podcasting; my thesis that “technology is not enough”; my mission to create a symposium where people can give birth to their own ideas; asking questions and the dialectical method of investigation; the importance of habits; in vitro meat and the 3 reasons why I became vegan; why I am not an early adopter of transhumanist technology; my on-going attempt to interview Elon Musk; my favorite interviews or lack thereof; what I’ve learned from interviewing Karl Schroeder;  my vision for the future of Singularity 1on1; my best and worst presentation ever; why I have chosen a long anti-TED-type format for my interviews and my current crowdfunding campaign on Konoz

As always you can listen to or download the audio file above or scroll down and watch the video interview in full. To show your support you can write a review on iTunes or make a donation.

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