Socrates Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Socrates ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeMy friend Chris Smedley dared me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday.

Since I am not one to run away from challenges, especially easy ones like this one, I went ahead and asked my brother-in-law to film my best friend pouring a large bucket of ice water over my head.

Hope you enjoy it and join me in making a donation for the fight against ALS here.

Also, I myself would like to challenge the following 3 people to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

1. Dr. Aubrey de Grey

2. Dr. Max More

3. Cory Doctorow

You guys have 24 hours to man up and do it too! 😉

Once again, join me in making a donation for the fight against ALS here.


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