Socrates Has Tea at Taxevity: Promod Sharma Takes a Peek Inside Singularity Weblog

tea at taxevity YouTubeA couple of weeks ago I went to visit my friend Promod Sharma who runs the Tea at Taxevity YouTube channel. Promod is a bit new to video recording but he is an expert in his own field of insurance and is an all-around nice guy to hang out with. So I was happy to have a cup of tea with him while providing a rare peek inside the Singularity Weblog.

If you are interested in watching the video you may notice some issues with slow frame-rates such as choppy and jerky head, mouth and/or eye movement.  [Bags under my eyes and lower-than-usual energy were entirely my own fault so I vow that next time I go on camera I will make sure to have a good night sleep and not pull an all-nighter. ;-] Still I hope you agree that the quality of our conversation was higher than the quality of our video recording. And so I decided to share this with you while asking you to focus on the former rather than the latter.

During my 1 hour interview with Promod we discuss a variety of topics such as: the technological singularity and whether we ought to fear it or not; the story behind my blogging and podcasting; our meeting at my first Podcamp Toronto; how WordPress and podcasting have changed the game; how passion keeps me going while fear is something I have to keep overcoming; the importance of proper preparation and having something unique in my interviews; some of the costs associated with blogging and podcasting…


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