Socrates on Socrates

In a recent blog post I asked:Socrates

What if Socrates were a Blogger?

Well, as you all know it was a rhetorical question for Socrates is a blogger indeed — yours truly.

But, more importantly, as it turns out Socrates is blogging on more than one places.

For example, just a couple of days ago and by a mere stroke of luck I happened to discover this most amazing descendant of Socrates who writes posts that could make our Greek forefather finally admit that he did really teach somebody something after all.

I mean you really have to visit this blog to believe the gadfly is back in multiple re-incarnations and hasn’t lost any of its eloquence or wit. So go check it out:

Can you believe it?! I know — I feel the same way.

What more do I have to say about that?

Well, how about this:

From one Socrates to another

By Hera Socrates!

I am mightily impressed by your profound love and knowledge of our ancient Greek forefather.

I myself have cherished similar and long lasting emotions towards our ancient sage because the world needs more Socrates!!! (I know – this is an understatement)

Humanity needs to find a Socrates within each and every one of us.

Thus, pleasant it is to find another friend, gifted with a curious mind and a sharp pen. 😉

Socrates’ of the world unite!

Our calling is the world to keep awake.

For the future is here at stake.

Therefore everyone must partake.

And to Socratic philosophy we all must awake!

We may have been born in different city-states but we are all citizens of the world.

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