Software Wars: The Terminator Picks Windows

Ever hear about the raging software wars?

There is a war out there. When it comes to software it is a dog eat dog world. Large scale conflict between different operating systems or manufacturers thereof has been a constant part of the technological landscape of the past 30 years. Moreover, in the last decade the conflict has steadily been broadening from the traditional PC vs Mac to one including more and more participants, each more eager than the next one to raid your pockets for any software dollars.

There are many ways to slice the Software Wars but some of the most obvious ones must be:

Windows vs Mac OS vs Linux vs Andoroid

Apple (and recently Microsoft) vs. Adobe‘s Flash Player

Yahoo vs Bing vs Google

Symbian vs Mac vs Backberry vs Palm vs Android

Paid vs Free

Proprietery vs Open Source

Surely, I must be missing some…

Anyway, it seems that the Terminator has picked a side. Check out this video called “the Secret Mission of the Terminator” to find out more:

Well, it seems that the Terminator has picked Windows 7.

So do I.

And how about you?

Are you a Mac or a PC?

What OS will bring on the Singularity?

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