The Best of Singularity Weblog 2010

It is time to look back and acknowledge the best posts on Singularity Weblog for the year 2010.

However, instead of writing a top 10 (or even worse – top 20) list, which research suggests people rarely read past the first 5, I intend to trick your brain by posting a bunch of Top 3 lists in several categories.  In this way, hopefully, you will get to (re)discover a few interesting articles from the Singularity Weblog 2010 Archive that you may have otherwise missed.

So, the categories that I have in mind are: most popular; best article by Socrates; best guest post; best podcast interview; best guest podcast; most funny or entertaining; most stunning; and, finally, Singularity Symposium‘s top 3 web pages.

The metrics used for the ranking are a combination of Google Analytics, social bookmarks, post comments, emails to Socrates, and my rather partial and subjective personal opinion ;- ) In short, it is 90% direct or indirect reader input from you, and 10% editorial assessment from me. Also, please note that once a post has been listed in one category it is automatically disqualified from the other ones.

Hope you like it, but, even if you don’t, make sure you set me straight with your comments after the post!

Most Popular (overall)

1. The Perils of Voice Recognition Technology

2. Aubrey de Grey’s Singularity Podcast: Longevity Escape Velocity May Be Closer Than We Think

3. Hamlet’s Transhumanist Dilemma: Will Technology Replace Biology

Best Articles

1. A Transhumanist Manifesto

2. Elementary, my dear, Watson: Who is Smarter than Human?

3. The Future Is Smart But What About Us?

Best Guest Post

1. Is a Spiritual Singularity Near?

2. The Change Agent

3. This Article Was Written By A Robot

Best Podcast Interview

1. Ben Goertzel on Singularity 1 on 1: The Future is Ours to Create

2. Jason Silva on Singularity 1 on 1: Let Your Ideas Be Noble, Poetic and Beautiful

3. Kevin Warwick on Singularity 1 on 1: You Have To Take Risks To Be Part Of The Future

Best Guest Podcast

1. Epoch

2. Human Readable

3. Scroogled (The Day Google Became Evil)

Most Funny or Entertaining

1. Charlie Kam: The Very Model of a Singularitarian

2. Funny or Serious: Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power

3. My Blackberry Is Not Working (And I Also Got  A Problem With My Apple)

Most Stunning

1. Will Technology Replace Biology?

2. Deus Ex’ Trailer for Human Revolution

3. Japan’s Virtual Singers Take Center Stage Top 3 Most Popular Pages

1. Definition of Singularity

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Cyborg

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