The Communications Singularity is Near

Over the next 10 years we will see the advent of quantum communications technologies that are not only completely secure but also miniaturized, improved and nearly free. As these technologies spread throughout the planet they will have a revolutionary political impact.

A Communications Singularity is underway in our world where soon, any person will be able to securely access the internet and communicate with anyone else from across the world. We have already seen people in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran start revolutions as they struggle to achieve the freedoms they know are possible. These countries are, in effect, experiencing a minor technological singularity. They have all been infected by the internet.

Are we near the communications singularity?!

We need to act now to guide humanity through this era of the Communications Singularity. The fact that people are basically good means that all we have to do is produce more smartphones and make them accessible to everyone. For example, one out of the box idea worth trying is to cast smartphones into the ocean to wash up on the shores of North Korea with the intent to provide the means for starting a revolution. This approach will save lives.

Access to Information, Privacy and Anonymity are human rights just like Equality and Freedom. These should be enshrined in the constitution of every nation on Earth to ensure a balance of power between governments and the people.

There are political implications to this proposal but the greatest danger to us as a species is that we do nothing. Left unguided, humanity may end up in an Orwellian nightmare controlled by one or several technological dictatorships. By taking action now perhaps we can ensure a successful outcome with the fewest losses.

Short-term success means the freedom of humanity from those who would control information and people. Overall success will help humanity survive the coming technological singularity. When revolutionary devices like 3D printers show up in today’s scarcity based first world economies people should be ready for change.

Freedom is the cure for our civilizations’ dictatorial cancers and communication leads to freedom. Therefore, we should spread communications to all so the many good people may overcome the few bad, everyplace in the world.

About the Author:

The author is a freelance mobile application developer and futurist with 20 years of experience dealing with issues of technology, electronic warfare and national security.

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