The Robotic Exoskeleton by Rex Bionics

In the following 2 videos you can watch Hayden Allen demonstrating the REX (short for Robotic EXoskeleton) by Rex Bionics.  The 38 kilogram (84 pound) joy-stick operated robotic legs were inspired by the movie “Alien” in which Sigourney Weaver‘s character Ripley climbs into a robotic exoskeleton to fight her alien nemesis.

This is the first time that Hayden is able to get up and stand upright since injuring his spinal cord 5 years ago in a motorcycle accident. As you can tell by his huge smile the experience is one of joy and happiness.

The robotic exoskeleton by Rex Bionics  costs about 150,000 dollars and is expected to premiere in 2011.

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