The Thorium Dream (full documentary film)

Is nuclear energy finished?

After the accidents at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima one must either be crazy or stupid (or both) to stubbornly refuse to see the ‘facts’ and still hang on to nuclear.

Not so quick – say a group of thorium enthusiasts. If some computers are used for bad purposes with even worse results does that mean we ought to ban all computers across the world?

Thorium is one of those near-forgotten, recently rejuvenated and highly debated elements which may hold the potential of resolving our energy problems for next few thousand years.

Is thorium too good to be true or is it the element that will power our future?

Watch The Thorium Dream, Motherboard‘s 30-minute documentary film on the grassroots movement to make thorium nuclear power a reality, to find out!

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