Top 5 Singularity Timepieces

What would a singularity watch look like?

Not really sure.

But the following 5 timepieces (that’s how you call a watch that costs more than a car or a house) seem to be nothing that any self-respecting singularitarian will be ashamed to put on her wrist.

Top 5 Singularity Timepieces:

5. Devon Works Thread 1

Our honorable mention is the all-American Devon Works Thread 1. This engineering masterpiece, the debut watch from the new line of timepieces from Devon, is a big, bold, sexy declaration of independence from the status quo.

The Tread 1ʼs unique functionality reinvents the watch, extending far beyond the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. The movement of the Tread 1 is a mesmerizing display of Devonʼs patented interwoven system of time belts. This series of belts expresses hours and minutes in exacting motion, while the seconds indicator runs in continuous motion. To ensure temporal accuracy, a proprietary optical recognition system monitors each belt position at all times.

The sleek, bold Tread 1 has a unique aesthetic unlike any other timepiece. Design inspiration for this luxury watch came from industrial conveyor belts and motorcycles. Four extremely compact microstep motors, powered by a lithium polymer wirelessly rechargeable cell that will run for up to two weeks on a single charge, drive the movement of the four belts with efficiency, exacting power and steadfast accuracy. The belt assemblies are mounted on a central chassis, which allows for the perfect clearance of the moving parts and also creates the illusion that the parts are floating within the case. Fiber-reinforced glass nylon allows for belts that are only 2/1,000 of an inch thick while being strong and stable enough to ensure continuous accuracy.

retail price: 15,000 dollars

4. HYT– a new dawn in watchmaking:

HYT is a Watch Brand evolving in the upper luxury market creating exclusive hybrid mechanical timepieces for watch connoisseurs. Their H1 is the first timepiece ever to combine mechanical and liquid engineering. It is a proprietary Swiss movement with a 65 hour power reserve and manual winding – driving a unique high-tech fluidic module which displays the time via pumping bellows that push bright green fluorescine past the time markers. Rumored price is about the $45k range.

3. Cabestan takes the lower 2 podium places with their “low end” Nostromo and “high end” Winch Tourbillon Vertical Models

According to the geeks at Engadget Cabestan Nostromo was inspired by the ship from the Alien movie. In the words of its own designers the Nostromo combines traditional watchmaking with “retro-futuristic audacity.” With a titanium case, Superluminova phosphorescent coating for dusky situations, and side windows, this is as appealing a watch as any singularitarian can dare to imagine.

Price starting at 140,000 dollars.

2. Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical

It began with the image of a capstan. A mechanical devise comprised of a large drum on a vertical axis, hand operated by a lever, the winch, causing a rope or a chain to wrap around the drum. From this action is derived the force to move the other mechanisms. From this simple idea was born the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical.

Capstans used for winding the movement and setting the time. A chain and fusee to transmit the energy. Drums to display the time. A vertical tourbillon to regulate the movement. And a miniature winch concealed in the deployante buckle to activate the mechanisms.

The result: A rare work of mechanical art. An exceptional timepiece demonstrating unparalleled elegance and harmony housing one of the most precise mechanical movements in the world.

Price starting at 305,000 dollars.

1. Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Zero-G

The Defy Xtreme Tourbillon ZERO-G model by Zenith will give you the exact time even in zero gravity which will affect the accuracy of any other watch. This timepiece is able to withstand zero gravity conditions because of its gyroscope cage tourbillon as well as the constant horizontal escapement incorporated in the watch.

The watch is capable of withstanding the harshest conditions — be it in space, 1,000 feet under sea level or as many as 36,000 shock vibrations per hour. It has been built with the most advanced materials in the world such as titanium, zenithium and niobium. The titanium body of the watch gives it exceptional sturdiness which is much more greater than steel. The strap of the watch is also made of titanium with Kevlar additions, a material used in bullet proof jackets.

The Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Zero-G watch is perfect for astronauts on a leisurely space walk or a trip to Mars and as demonstrated by its promo video that fact has not been lost on its marketing department.

How much does it cost? Well, as the old saying goes if you ask for the price you can’t afford one, and this seems to be Zenith’s price strategy.

If you insist to know, price starts at 500,000 dollars. But that’s because you are buying a timepiece, not a wrist watch.

The question is what will the machines prefer to keep around after the singularity:

You or your timepiece wristwatch? 😉

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