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Posted on: October 21, 2009 / Last Modified: October 21, 2009

“Will technology replace biology?”

This is the question.

Singularity Blog is a journal of Socrates’ thoughts on news, issues and people related to the Technological Singularity.

Here Socrates will not shy to provide his opinion but will place no claim on its superiority.

Socrates’ goal is to use his blog as a stage for a Singularity Symposium where everyone can join freely in questioning, analyzing, debating and shaping our technological future.

Thus, this blog’s value may be not so much in the answers it provides, but in the questions it raises — the kind that everybody could or should be asking.

In addition, this blog will also:

  • Publish other relevant blog articles by Socrates
  • Bring your attention to relevant news stories and scientific developments
  • Let you know when people like yourself share great content

Welcome friend!

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