Zero State Founder Amon Kalkin: Reject Apathy!

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Posted on: May 6, 2013 / Last Modified: October 2, 2021

Amon_KalkinAmon Kalkin is a cognitive scientist, electronic artist, and founder of Zero State. He is 40 years old, born in New Zealand, and living in the UK, where he spends his time raising a young family and gardening when he isn’t working to create a sphere of influence for positive futurist values.

During my interview with Amon Kalkin we cover a variety of topics such as: what is Zero State – its genesis, history, and future goals; the importance of starting with first principles and the meaning of positive social change; if and how libertarianism and anarchism relate to Zero State; transhumanism and the technological singularity; starting a transhumanist micro-state…

My favorite quote from Amon Kalkin is a short and simple but powerful one:

Reject Apathy!

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What is Zero State?

zero-stateZero State is a community affiliated with the Wave movement for positive social change through technology.

It is a grass-roots movement pursuing smart, compassionate solutions to problems, aimed at improving the human condition.

Zero State supports transformative technologies such as life extension as well as cognitive & physical enhancement. Some of their social projects include accelerating change, basic income, meshnets and bitcoin; while lifestyle initiatives explore areas such as the arts, spirituality, fashion and culture.

Their main goal is the establishment of a trans-national, virtual state – the Zero State.

ZS is dedicated to mutual aid and global renewal in science, technology, politics, economics, environmentalism and spirituality. The Zero State intends to act as a counterpoint to traditional governmental, corporate and religious institutions, bringing people together to share independently-developed tools and resources.

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