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Zero State Founder Amon Kalkin on Singularity 1 on 1: Reject Apathy!

Amon_KalkinAmon Kalkin is a cognitive scientist, electronic artist and founder of Zero State. He is 40 years old, born in New Zealand and living in the UK, where he spends his time raising a young family and gardening when he isn’t working to create a sphere of influence for positive futurist values.

During my interview with Amon Kalkin we cover a variety of topics such as: what is Zero State – its genesis, history and future goals; the importance of starting with first principles and the meaning of positive social change; if and how libertarianism and anarchism relate to Zero State; transhumanism and the technological singularity; starting a transhumanist micro-state…

My favorite quote from Amon Kalkin is short and simple but a powerful one: “Reject Apathy!”

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What is Zero State?

zero-stateZero State is a community affiliated with the Wave movement for positive social change through technology.

It is a grass-roots movement pursuing smart, compassionate solutions to problems, aimed at improving the human condition.

Zero State supports transformative technologies such as life extension as well as cognitive & physical enhancement. Some of their social projects include accelerating change, basic income, meshnets and bitcoin; while lifestyle initiatives explore areas such as the arts, spirituality, fashion and culture.

Their main goal is the establishment of a trans-national, virtual state – the Zero State.

ZS is dedicated to mutual aid and global renewal in science, technology, politics, economics, environmentalism and spirituality. The Zero State intends to act as a counterpoint to traditional governmental, corporate and religious institutions, bringing people together to share independently-developed tools and resources.

You can find out more at http://zerostate.net


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  • CM Stewart

    Zero state sounds promising, I will check it out. Thanks for the information, Amon Kalkin and Nikola!

    Nikola, your quote, “Try to stay away from the Caribbean if you can, so that you’re as far away from the United States as possible, if you ask me,” made me laugh, from the US. 😉

    Troubling take on the morphing definition of the word (technological) “Singularity,” and the morphing of other forms of the word. Much like the word “feminism” has been hijacked, “singular(itar)ian” has been hijacked to include superfluous, and often counterproductive themes.

  • Happy you enjoyed it Cynthia!

    I hope you understand I meant no insult to US – I was just trying to say that it seems to me that America is getting more and more conservative, regulatory and restrictive. Thus, it might be a bit safer and wiser if groundbreaking enterprises like Zero State try to be further away from the US backyard called the Caribbean… And I do have to admit that, watching American politics unfold from Canada, I am sometimes concerned even we are too close for comfort…

  • CM Stewart

    lol No problem, Nikola. 🙂 The US, as a whole, does indeed seem to be regressing in rationality and reasoning skills. As a citizen and resident, I feel the US is a bit too close for comfort for me as well . .

  • Any association that accepts illogical precepts such as religion or worse, new types of engineering that take on religion and re-coin it for the future, has gain my contempt. The actions of this association make it a club for moral relativist who like to think of the future. Zero State is of course a libertarian goal, and a logical end result of general higher conciseness, but what this club ascertains is moral relativism. Also Nicola is this guy for real, is he a cognitive scientist? Their website claims their about {the} “mutual aid and global renewal in science, technology, politics, economics, environmentalism and spirituality”.

    These are contradictory moral values and you will find no contradictions in reality. However you will in this guy’s website.

  • I agree some of those are indeed contradictory. Just like it is contradictory to have left-anarchist and libertarians at the same time in the same group. Still, I think it is contradictions that make things interesting. Plus, ultimately I don’t try to sell you any religion, organization or creed. I just bring forth interesting people and ideas but it is up to you to make a judgement…

  • Simon Pieman

    “you will find no contradictions in reality.”

    That’s got to be most sadly funny thing i’ve heard in a while.

    ‘logic may be mankind’s greatest and most tragic illusion of all’ C Jung

  • Interesting quote Simon…

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