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A Desktop Singularity: Security Cam Footage of The Technological Singularity As It Actually Happened

There are a few people who argue that the technological singularity has already happened. Well, if it did actually happen then this must be the security cam video record of the desktop singularity.

Now, how many people saw that one coming?!

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  • CM Stewart

    This behavior doesn’t require anger. It doesn’t even require motivation. I absolutely can see a similar scenario happening. Why wouldn’t strong AI behave like this? After all, we are the teachers . .

  • Hah! Did you know that there is a supposed ‘self-aware’ Roomba tweeting?

  • For most issues like this, there is a clear emerging
    consensus. But this is one if the few
    issues for which there is no evidence of a consensus, yet, at
    Canonizer.com. Slightly more than half
    think thinking anything like this is possible is completely silly (see http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/16/3
    )- while less than half think we need to fear such. For me, the entire idea and such fear is even
    more silly than this particular silly video.

    What do you all really think, and is your thinking any more credible
    than this silly video?

  • CM Stewart

    I’ll answer the last question- no.

  • Tracy_R_Atkins

    Same thing happened to me back in the ‘90s. Thing was chucking 3.5” floppies at me like ninja stars. Hiding behind my couch, I was able to fashion a dead-fall trap out of an Okidata dot-matrix printer and 10 feet of cat 3. Saved my hide.

    That’s why I only buy ultrabooks now, they don’t hit very hard.

  • Tracy_R_Atkins

    True intelligence does mean the conscious choice to disobey rules, taught behavior or pre-defined morality. Scary, isn’t it. But, I like to be a bit of a “glass-half-full” sort of person when it comes to how AI will evolve and behave.

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