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Top 10 Reasons We Should Fear The Singularity [Infographic]

top_10_reasons_fear_singularity_image“I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race” said Stephen Hawking.

“With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon…” said Elon Musk.

So why are some of the world’s greatest minds and some of the world’s best entrepreneurs considering the potential rise of super-smart artificial intelligence – aka the technological singularity, as one of the world’s greatest threats?!

I have previously published a list of what I believe are the Top 10 Reasons We Should Fear the Singularity and it is one of the all-time most popular posts on Singularity Weblog. Today I want to share this neat new inforgraphic that Michael Dedrick designed based on the content of the original article.

Have a look and don’t fear letting me know what you think:

Do you fear the singularity?! Why?…


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  • connor1231

    What would your arguments be for people who fear the first two? They seem to be plausible fears but I assume you have reasons why you do not fear these scenarios.

    By the way another fear to add to the list would be enslavement by other humans with access to the newest technology, or a decline in social mobility – once you are born into a lower class that cannot afford the new technologies, there would be no way to escape because you cannot compete with others who have access to the new tech. We would basically have to trust/hope that government would regulate access to the newest tech and try to keep an even playing field.

  • Shen Nung

    Human extinction is inevitable, regardless of whether the ‘singularity’ occurs. Homo Erectus were prolific for nearly 2 million years, yet they were still superseded by newer species of Homo.

    Even if machines do not replace Humans new branching sub-species of Homo will, perhaps resulting in a dominant single species again but maybe the other branches will be equally successful.

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  • ModelMediaEcologist

    This list is comprised of a lot of human phobias projected onto computer minds. Why should we assume that an AI will be motivated by the psychological traits of homo sapiens (unless they are programmed to be that way in which case they are not true AI)? I ask my students the following question: What’s the first thing an AI will do once the Singularity occurs? Answer: Kill humans of course. (It’s a joke, based on our limited imiginations)
    Only point #10 has any validity. We don’t know what a true AI will be like. That’s scary.

  • Thanks for your comment friend. Now, I actually never said that the list above is my own. I just wrote the most popular and powerful fears. That is all. I also linked in the end to the opposite list: https://www.singularityweblog.com/top-10-reasons-we-should-not-fear-the-singularity/

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  • We should fear the singularity if we fail to teach our machines empathy. I saw a bird get hit by a car recently in the middle of an intersection, as the flightless and mortally injured foul flopped around in the street, I was struck by the strong emotional reaction some women watch me had about the poor bird… I think if we can teach this kind of empathy to the artificial intelligence we are creating then we are advancing into a bright future.

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