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Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

I wanted to talk about Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think as soon as I heard about the book during my first interview with Peter Diamandis.

I have been putting off blogging about it because I’ve been secretly hoping (and plotting) to get Peter back for another interview. Lately, however, I am beginning to realize that stealing another 30 minutes away from Peter — who is a busy father of young twin-boys and a high-powered entrepreneur, may be a bit too selfish of me. So, I decided to steal Peter’s ever-available digital copy who can tell you in 3 minutes why Abundance is such a unique book that you must read.


Abundance Book Trailer:


Evidence in Abundance:


Jason Silva – one of my favorite guests on Singularity 1 on 1, made this cool movie bursting with passion and excitement about the book:


Joe Polish Video Interview with co-authors Peter Diamandis and  Steven Kotler:

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  • El Dee

    I agree with the basic idea, but the sad fact is, that we will not be able to create this better future society while we are lioving in the monetary system. Monetary system can not function when there’s abundance. It is absurd, but true: abundance create an economic crisis in the monetary system – and only way for thexsystem to start functioning again is to create scarcity (usually by market manipulations or a local or global war).
    So we will havwe to wait for the automation to create the final and total end of the monetary system and then create a form of a resource-based economy and replace the politics by the aplication of the scientific method. Want to know more? Visit us at http://www.thevenusproject.com.

  • You ask a relevant and very important question.

    Thus, I agree with your diagnosis though not entirely with the origins or the problem or its treatment.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your great question – I’ll be sure to ask it when one of the book’s co-authors – Steven Kotler, is going to be a guest on my Singularity 1 on 1 podcast tomorrow afternoon.


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  • Dagmountain

    Great interview! I agree with the previous commenter that an advanced technological society can’t coinside with monetary economics. Let’s take look back at the series of recessions since the personal computer was developed. Look at the employment lags during recoveries since 1982 http://www.crgraphs.com/ (first graph entitled, percent job losses post WWII). What you’ll see is that the employment lag, as the rate of technological change increases, grows longer and longer. So what has brought us back from these lags? A series of bubbles increasing in size. Look at corporate profits these days, they are at record levels. Why? Companies no longer need large payrolls that drag down their profits. They can merge, aquire and outsource with incredible efficiency. So what we’re left with astronomical concentrations of wealth, to the top percentile and again the need for additional credit expansions. Last point, where do the top students in math and science these day go after college? Wall street, where physicists are creating highly explosive financial products, the likes of which increase the last downturn exponetially.

  •  So, is there any good news at all my friend? Should we sit down and despair or “Get Off the Couch and Change the World?”

  • Dagmountain

    Lol! Your right Socrates! My hope is that Mr. Diamandis and Mr. Kotler are, intentionally, not following their ideas through fully, in order to make post scarcity models more palatable to a wider audience. And it did seem that that was the case judging from your interview with Mr. Kotler. He seemed to pause as if he knew exactly what you were getting at when you asked the question of money, as though they’d talked in depth about weather or not to include it. Your interview was brilliant. Thank you.

  • Happy you liked the interview!

    I personally found it interesting how Steven and Peter argued about what to put into the book and, since I know them both to be people of character as well as the fact that I believe that the truth is born in debates, I personally believe in their integrity.

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