What if?

What-if-your-toothbrush-is-smarter-than-you preview

What if your toothbrush is smarter than you?

Red and white 3D illustration of the word peer2peer connected to a computer mouse

On voluntary taxation or what could also be called “P2P taxation” or “emergent swarm taxation”

Abstract digital and technology background. The geometric of an Artificial Intelligence with the green circuit design on microchip.

Neural Symbiosis with AI: The Neural Lace Project & The World of Advanced Intelligence

Nikola-Danaylov-on-Transhumanism-Space-Channel-InnerSpace preview

InnerSpace Interviews Nikola Danaylov on Transhumanism

The Intelligence Explosion Sci Fi Film thumb

The Intelligence Explosion: A Short Sci Fi Film about AI Ethics


Augmented: Short Sci-Fi Film Asks Good Questions About AR

technological unemployment thumb

UBET: A Practical Answer to Technological Unemployment

iPS_cells thumb

Stem cells – the future: an introduction to iPS cells

Freedom blank list, business concept

The Future of Freedom


The Economic Singularity


Are we destined to be out-played by A.I.?

Cory Doctorow Decentrized Web thumb

Cory Doctorow: Stupid Laws & Benevolent Dictators can Ruin the Web