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My Journey to Singularity and Beyond: An Evening Symposium with Socrates in Rotterdam

Nikola DanaylovOn November 17, 2015 Singularity University Netherlands is organizing a 3 hour evening symposium with me where I will share my personal story of leaving Bulgaria, attending Singularity University and becoming the biggest independent blogger and podcaster on topics such as the singularity, AI and transhumanism.

In addition, I will share my philosophy on blogging and podcasting, the importance of ethics and some of the personal lessons I have learned along my journey. Finally, true to my Socrates moniker, I will engage into some provocative deconstruction:

Derrida said that “deconstruction is about cracking nuts” and, since the two juiciest nuts in our community are the technological singularity in general and Singularity University in particular, those are the nuts I will attempt to crack. You be the judge of how that turns out…

I am told that the hall will be able to fit about 300 people or so and we already have 200 registered. So if you want to come join us then register for free now: http://www.meetup.com/Singularity-University-NL/events/226627815/

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