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Peter Diamandis at OCE Discovery: Technology is a Resource Liberating Force

P1040698This year’s OCE Discovery conference in Toronto was the first of five consequent events that I am attending within the next 3 weeks. The other four are the just finished Subtle Technologies Festival and the upcoming Global Future 2045 Congress in NY City, the ISTAS13 Conference and the Pros and Cons of Drones in Toronto.

Out of the first two events the highlight for me was Peter Diamandis‘ keynote speech at the OCE Discovery conference. It is for this reason that I wanted to share it with those who, unlike me, were not able to see it in person.

During his 1 hour presentation Peter Diamandis talks about exponential technologies (such as AI, robotics, genetics, synthetic biology, computer science, 3D printing); incentivized competitions organized by his X Prize foundation; Abundance and Planetary Resources.

The favorite quote that I will take away from Diamandis’ keynote is: “Technology is a resource liberating force!”


Here are a few images I took at the conference:


The conference was opened by the Honorable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario


Then Peter Diamandis showered attendees with his infinite amounts of abundance and personal energy


I have rarely seen a more focused and attentive audience of this size


After his speech Diamandis casually mingled with attendees


…and signed copies of his book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think


Peter was almost constantly mobbed by crowds of people eager to talk to him


… but still managed to find time and give a few interviews for the media


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  • Great post Socrates. The link between the Singularity and Post-Scarcity needs to be made clearer and Peter is doing a great job. The Singularity is Post-Scarcity.

  • Neoliberal Agenda

    I don’t buy that our brains are genetically programmed to think linearly because that was how our lives looked liked when we walked the African savanna.

    The reason we are not good at thinking exponentially is because we have not been trained at it. I mean, we can read, do calculus and all kind of stuff that we didn’t do hundred thousands years ago.

    Why should there be a special gene that makes exponential thinking hard?

  • It is not a gene but the whole structure of our brains which has evolved from the reptilian up to the mammalian brain, but still has remnants from the former called the amygdala.

    … Just like a processor, may be designed from the getgo in terms of hardware to do certain things better than others, our brains are naturally better at doing some types of calculations rather than others. That is why, for example, while almost everyone can walk and run and throw stones at some passable level, very few of us can think Quantum physics, string theory and do calculus. The former are hardware optimized actions, the latter are not and take very hard training i.e. software…

  • Neoliberal Agenda

    “that is why, for example, while almost everyone can walk and run ”

    A baby can’t walk/run at birth, it’s something that takes us several years to learn. Sure there are some wiring, like a certain type of brain cells in the visual cortex, but that doesn’t mean exponential processes is not something we shouldn’t be able to pick up, if we were exposed to them during childhood.

  • Dan Vasii

    Peter Diamandis at OCE Discovery: Technology is a Resource Liberating Force. What about Echelon and PRISM?

  • That’s the other part of the same coin. Very important issues indeed but they seem to get plenty of coverage without me. So, I’d rather focus on this right now…

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