The Brain-net is Near: 2 Rat Brains Linked Wirelessly

linked-rat-brainsDuke University neurobiologist Miguel Nicoleilis says it might one day be possible for humans to communicate and collaborate with each other wirelessly, using only our thoughts.

Dr Nicoleilis has already developed interface technology connecting animal brains with machines and is now publishing the results of experiments with rats demonstrating the possibilities of so-called brain-to-brain interface technology.

In this experiment two rat brains were connected wirelessly in what the researcher calls a “biological computer.” The rats then end up collaborating with each other in order to receive a reward.

Dr. Nicoleilis believes that this kind of direct brain-to-brain communication is the first step on the way to what he calls the brain-net – where humans will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other using only their thoughts..

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis Explains Brain to Brain Interface Study Published in Scientific Reports

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