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The Singularity is Nearer: EU Commits 1 Billion To Fund The Human Brain Project

human-brain-projectDr. Henry Markram’s Human Brain Project recently got 1 billion worth of funding from the European Union. The money will be spread in 100 million dollar payments over the next 10 years and is aimed at scaling up Markram’s past research in simulating parts of a rat brain to the first and most comprehensive attempt to reverse-engineer and simulate the complete human brain.

The Human Brain Project is a landmark endeavor in modern neuroscience:

“It’s like building a giant telescope to peer into deep space, only that we’ll be able to look deep into the brain and ask questions that are impossible experimentally and theoretically. It’s an infrastructure to be able to build and simulate the human brain, objectively classify brain diseases and build radically new computing devices.” Dr. Henry Markram


Doesn’t that mean that the technological singularity just got nearer?!….

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