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Top 10 Reasons We Should NOT Fear The Singularity [Infographic]

I have previously published a list of what I believe are the Top 10 Reasons We Should NOT Fear the Singularity and it is one of the all-time most popular posts on Singularity Weblog. Today I want to share this neat new inforgraphic that Michael Dedrick designed based on the content of the original article.

Have a look and don’t fear telling me your views in the comments below: Do you fear or not the technological singularity?! Why?…



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  • Brad Arnold

    That is a pretty comprehensive list, although I would include that we must progress technologically so as to mitigate existential threats.

    To be balanced: the following is from “Singularity Rising,” Chapter 16 Preparing for the Singularity. Ironically, by mitigating existential risks, we are risking one.

  • Alan Grimes

    There is something wrong with this list.

    It sez reasons to not fear the singularity,

    But #9 terrifies me because it, as stated, robs me of all mater and resources to do anything that is not computing. No morphological freedom -> you must be an upload. No freedom of any kind, actually, because you must be a part of the regime that governs the computronium, or you have been disassembled to be the substrate for the regime that governs the computronium.

    #9 terrifies me double because it is on a list that claims to be about why we should fear the singularity less. It demonstrates the existence of a mentality that fails to see anytihng wrong with a universe-scale cataclysm. Seriously, you need to have ur head examined. =|

  • Thanks very much for the recommendation to examine my head Alan!

    Now, more to your specific fear of #9 as well as the fact that it is on both lists – the reason I included it on the “not fear” list is because after I publish the “fear” list a few people commented underneath that one that #9 is one of those “fears” that they actually wish for. So, as it turns out one’s fear is another’s hope. At any rate, I don’t necessarily endorse this list but rather just compiled what are in my view the top 10 most common reasons that people are looking forward to the singularity – not necessarily the 10 most likely or my 10 favorites.

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