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Mark Twain thumb

Unexpected Futurist: Mark Twain, Tesla, and a Worldwide Visual Telephone System

Blader Runner 2049 thumb

Blade Runner 2049: “The future of the species has finally unearthed.” [Updated]

Benjamin Franklin thumb

Unexpected Futurist: Benjamin Franklin envisions 2776 and Cryonics

Limiting Factors thumb

Limiting Factors: Is the current economic growth model limited by the speed of light?

Near Future thumb

The Near Future: See How Healthcare Tech Will Transform Our Lives


Bill Nye the Science Guy: We Can Solve The World’s Problems

Nikola Danaylov at Her-An thumb

Her-An Visits Nikola Danaylov and Records A Unique Interview


Jose Cordeiro on Longevity and Cryonics Summit: The World Will Be A Better Place Tomorrow


Lawrence Krauss on Singularity.FM: Keep on Asking Questions


“Conversations with the Future” Book Reading


It’s No Game: A Hilarious Short SciFi Film with David Hasselhoff


Angel Investor Matthew Le Merle on How to “Build Your Fortune in the Fifth Era”