Fubar Redux: HaZ’s Epic Short Sci Fi Film About The War Of Cats And Dogs

Fubar Redux is an epic short sci fi film portraying the atrocities of an on-going political war for territories. Situated in an alternate reality inhabited by cats and dogs, the movie is full of exciting action scenes and tense drama, cleverly depicted by a totally unique animation visual style: Hyper-Motion Comic Cinema.

It was created entirely inside Nuke’s 3D compositing environment, with technology sponsor support by The Foundry, Shotgun Software, Gen-Arts and Peregrine Labs.

HaZ is a visual effects supervisor who spent just under 2 years from pre-production to the Fubar Redux complete short, working in between on his freelance gigs in film, TV and commercials. He enlisted support from Audio talents Luis Almau and Henning Knophel for the cinematic score & sound design and the editorial ninja skills of Deelan Sital.

Fubar Redux was selected for the Cannes 2012 Short Film Corner. In addition, it was also screened at various international festivals including FMX 2012 where film-maker HaZ did a presentation revealing how he created every shot entirely inside Nuke’s 3D compositing space with no CG or 3D Rendering used at all. All animation and renders came directly from Nuke in order to create this unique cinematic motion comic short film.


About the Author and Fubar Redux Film-maker:

Hasraf Dulull is a Freelance Visual Effects Supervisor and Director in the Motion Pictures Industry. Known to his colleagues and friends in the VFX and Film industry as HaZ, he started in Video games cinematic CG sequences before moving into Film Visual Effects and compositing as a Visual Effects Supervisor. Over the years he has worked on numerous high profile Feature Films, Commercials, Music Promos and Broadcast series at various studios worldwide and has been nominated for several Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards. HaZ is currently freelancing as a VFX Supervisor  and Producer on various Tv and FIlm Projects and in pre-production on his next short film.

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