My Blackberry Is Not Working (And I Also Got A Problem With My Apple)

This is a very serious blog on a very serious topic written by some seriously (mentally) varied number of people.

Thus, in the spirit of all seriousness, I want you to check out the attached seriously smart and dangerously funny skit from the BBC.  In it Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield (from BBC’s The One Ronnie show) make a seriously fruity assault on our now common daily Techno-lingo. The all-out leave-no-fruit untouched video doesn’t spare Blackberry, Apple, Orange or Microsoft.

Warning: Watching this video is equal to a whole week’s worth of your recommended fruit intake and may lead to serious side effects such as uncontrollably dangerous laughter and fructose-giggle over-dose. Watch at your own risk. This blog is not responsible for the consequences.

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