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Sight [a Short Sci Fi Film]

Sight Film PosterSight is a 7 minute long sci fi film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. A graduation project from the Bezalel Academy of Arts, the movie examines the dangers and the promises of augmented reality and gamification. It is very well though out, scripted and cast, and the nifty visual effects have the polished feel of experienced film-makers.

Sight is a service provided by Sight Systems. It is an augmented reality interface for your eyes, overlaid on top of your normal field of vision and allowing for highly integrated networking and gamification of your life. The plot follows the main character’s daily routine of utilizing the technology, culminating with a dinner and a date.

The main issues that the film sheds light on are: Does the constant influx of information help or hurt our chances of connecting with each other? What are the costs as well as the benefits of having advanced augmented reality? Can we protect our privacy and avoid hacking? Aren’t things always different from the way they look on the surface?

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