Singularity University: Random Video Highlights from GSP11

It has been two and a half weeks since I returned home from Singularity University and the post-SU blues that previous graduates have warned us about is beginning to hit me hard. So, I am hoping that my regular blog readers will excuse my indulging in nostalgic reminiscing about my friends from GSP11. The following video collage is a little tribute to both my classmates from GSP11 and all the people who made it all happen.

In the first clip SU students are going literally into the brain: PhD candidate Rachel Kalmar showing us slices and talking about the inner workings of the human brain. The British contingent, consisting of Antony Evans and David Garofalo, look over in a critical and calm manner while Lucy Rogers and Francesco Mosconi get clearly excited by the thought of handling someone’s brain. But it is the creative Darius Lau and Claudia Gobel who almost eat one…

Later on, Daniel Kraft, Justine Lam, Pasha Rudenko, Julielynn Wong and Caitlin Sparks look at a completely preserved human brain and parts of a spinal cord.

Jose Cordeiro, Andreas Raptopoulos, Luis Gonzalez-Blanch, Carlo Bellini and other SU students singing in the bus on the way to CISCO:

Visiting the CISCO Headquarters and watching a demo of their mobile collaboration solutions:

Alaa from Palestine playing with a little toy robot that she just built:

The next video is just but a small demonstration of the variety of backgrounds and skills that SU students possess. Here our Brazilian friend Augusto Camargo opens up the lady’s washroom door, which is locked shut and we don’t have a key. Where did you learn to break into locked doors Augusto?

This video shows the full spectrum of activities happening simultaneously even late into the night at SU – some like Jean Carlo are goofing around, others are watching a documentary or working in the computer lab, while others are partying hard during the initiation night of our new Voodoo Lounge. All in all – a bunch of crazy dreamers who think that anything is possible… At any rate, welcome to the Voodoo Lounge:

Voodoo Lounge 2:

Devolution! This is what happens after 10 weeks at SU’s NASA Ames Campus. Watch the degradation of all my favorite people into monkeys! Love and miss all my primates from SU GSP11!

Me and my friend Paolo Pacorini are getting pumped up for the San Francisco marathon while in the background Darius Lau falls into the abyss:

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