PBS Off Book: Will 3D Printing Change the World?

3D-printingMuch attention has been paid to 3D printing lately, with new companies developing cheaper and more efficient consumer models that have wowed the tech community. They herald 3D Printing as a revolutionary and disruptive technology, but how will these printers truly affect our society?

Beyond an initial novelty, 3D Printing could have a game-changing impact on consumer culture, copyright and patent law, and even the very concept of scarcity on which our economy is based. From at-home repairs to new businesses, from medical to ecological developments, 3D Printing has an undeniably wide range of possibilities which could profoundly change our world.

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  • http://3dprinthq.com/ Abdul Rehman

    3D printing is definitely the technology of the future. I think the ability to create anything you can possibly imagine by a few clicks in the computer is what sets it apart from the rest of the technologies. Also, 3d printed objects look so amazing. It will definitely change the world!