Drone: An Action-Packed Sci Fi Short by Robert Glickert

Drone is an action-packed indy sci fi film by Robert Glickert. It consists of four parts each of which is only 6 to 8 minutes long.

Despite it short length, however, the movie manages to deliver a few good plot-twists and multiple points of view as well as raise a number of important questions about the rules of engagement and the laws of war in the context of drone warfare; human nature and the laws of robotics

Synopsis: In the near future, war drone technology has advanced and a new weapon has been unleashed – a humanoid drone stronger and faster than any soldier. But in the aftermath of a mysterious incident, damaged battle drone 237 is forced to go on the run with its programmer (Kenneth Choi) to try and take down their corrupt commander (Lance Reddick).

The film was directed by Robert Glickert and featured Lance Reddick and Keneth Choi.

Drone Episode 1:


Drone Episode 2:

237’s programmer Jay (Kenneth Choi) finds himself under suspicion from his boss Nissen (Lance Reddick) as he works to help 237 escape from a team of black ops soldiers.


Drone Episode 3:


Drone Episode 4:


The Making of Drone: Behind The Scenes


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